Mission and Values


Precious Jones-Walker
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Mission and Values
Our Mission
Public School 8 is a creative learning community that is dedicated to having all of its members flourish. Our mission is academic excellence and, in its pursuit, we are committed to the development of the whole child.
Our Values

  • Our community is child centered All decisions will be made by putting children?s interests first
  • Our community operates with integrity and respect
    Ethical and honest behavior in everything we do
  • Our community is a learning community
    Innovation and thoughtful risk taking must be part of our continuous
    focus on improvement, including assessment of progress
  • Our community works as an effective team
    Teamwork and collaboration are focused on children
  • Our community takes responsibility
    We search for answers and make no excuses
  • Our community recognizes the value time
    We carefully plan and optimize the time in our community
  • Our community embraces diversity
    We value the diversity of culture, experience, and perspective
  • Our community is a caring community
    We look for the best in each other and we care enough to ask the
    hard questions

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Box Tops for education fund-raising program benefits PS8! Be sure to clip the Box Top coupons from consumer product packaging and drop them off in the Parent Room



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